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Director of Procurement

Bill is an investor out of Wallingford, CT who has bought and sold hundreds of houses over his 20 year career.

Over his career, Bill has learned how to structure true win-win deals that a realtor or cash buyer can't offer you.

Bill also gives back to the Real Estate community through private coaching of over 50 students and hosting the Flipping Houses for Rookies Podcast with over 1 Million Downloads.

What We Do

We are here to offer a great solution to people who want to make the most profit from the sale of their house and don't need the money all up front. Sell your house to us at your terms and conditions, without any listing or realtor. We buy your house as-is and will close at the time of your choice.

Homeowners just need to contact us and tell us a few details about the property and their goals from the sale, and we care for all the closing costs.

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What we Stand By


We believe in transparent and fair deals. For us, what matters most is the trust of homeowners.


Work with you in a truly professional manner as we value our customers the most.


We make our 100% hard work and effort to meet our homeowners’ needs and requirements.


We offer clear and concise communication so that our homeowners understand all the terms involved in the deal.


We believe in executing all our commitments effectively on all levels. We always execute our process keeping client-centric approach


We try our best to build a healthy homebuyer-and-homeowner relationship by providing a win-win deal for both of us.

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