Attention! Free and Clear Home Owners

Here's How to Sell for Top Dollar and AVOID Repairs, Tenant Drama, and Fees without being RIPPED-OFF by Lowball Cash offers

Here's What Every Free and Clear Owner NEEDS to Know Before Selling Their Rental...

The cost to sell is NOT 6% like the realtors want you to believe. Which of these will you get caught in?

  • First... you'll have to choose - do I keep the tenants in place and lose all the top $ first time homeowners? Or... do I risk kicking them out to get a higher price, but what if they refuse and stop paying? What if the house takes longer to sell and you no longer have rent coming in?

  • Second.. You list it and find a buyer! However, they ask you for a $5k discount... it's only $5k and not worth blowing up the deal, so you accept

  • Third.. The inspector comes and does his job: Scaring the buyer to justify his fee. After the inspection, the buyers are spooked and threaten to back out unless you do the laundry list of repairs.

  • Lastly.. It's the day of closing and you're ready for the big check! You expect to see $200,000 and notice after the realtors, repairs, holding costs, discount, and conveyance tax (1.5%-2%).. you're only getting $170,000... WHAT HAPPENED to 6%?!

  • Tax man's final Say.. That's right... the dreaded Capital Gains, anything over $40,000 to 450K is taxed for 15% ! And they're even talking about increasing them as we speak.

My Proven Free and Clear Selling Method to Get Top Dollar with No Fees, Tenant Drama, or Repairs..

There has to be catch right? This is too good to be true.. The secret and "Catch" is simple.. it's TIME!

Here's the perfect solution if you are a patient investor who wants top dollar and don't need all cash up front... that's what the low-ball investors are trying to offer you.

We upgrade you from the landlord to now being the bank (passive investor). What does that mean?

When you sell the property, you have NO obligations or bills - tenants, rent, insurance, taxes, late night calls

We agree on a total price (loan amount) and you get agreed monthly payments no matter what until paid in full

Lastly... You ( the bank) pick the length. The more time, the more you'll receive for the property. On or before that date, you'll be paid in full for the remaining balance.

5 Ways Patient Sellers Reap Large Rewards...

1. You get to skip any tenant drama.. whether it's dragging them out and then repairing or limiting your buyers to only low-ball investors.

2. You don't have to do ANY repairs and no inspector is going to beat you up about the small stuff

3. You don't pay a dime in realtor fees and get to skip the hassle of the traditional dog and pony show

4. Most IMPORTANTLY... where we differ from low-ball investors... you get your top dollar price. Other investors will only let you skip the hassle if take a HUGE discount. We use time to benefit us both.

5. By breaking up your payment, you can avoid the 15% capital gains tax on all monthly payments. Any payments below 40K per year gets 0%! Instead of getting hit for 15% at the second you sell, get that equity in chunks that lets you avoid the big hit.

3 Quick Risks Sellers Need to Know

1. What if I stop getting the monthly payments and you run away?

This the absolute worst case scenario and also very unlikely. However, as a smart investor, you should know the risk.

If this were to ever happen, the worst thing is that you'd get your house back and keep any payments and appreciation. This is because you are the first position lien holder on the property.

I hear ya.. but doesn't that mean I have to do a long and costly foreclosure? Nope.. you don't want to do a foreclosure just as much as we wouldn't want to do one.

Why is that? The good news for you and bad news for us.. is we have a lot of assets. Why would we put those at risk to hold a house hostage?

The people who benefit from stalling foreclosures are home owners with nothing to lose - not investors

2. What if the tenant stops paying or something breaks?

The best news is.. that's no longer your problem!

You get your payment no matter what - whether we have tenant problems, repairs, an explosion.. anything

We have large reserves, insurance, and multiple properties to cover any lulls

3. What if you don't have the balloon payment at the end of the loan term?

It's simple.. we either refinance or sell the property. The loan has has us start paying you LARGE interest every single day that balloon isn't met.

And believe me.. we don't like to pay large interest.

Frank - Real Example: Free and Clear - Sell over Market!

Frank is 68 years old and has been in the real estate business for over 20 years.. he owned 6 properties free and clear. He liked the income, but wanted to move on when the time was right by getting the most for his properties. The problem?

Frank had depreciated the properties over the last 20 years and was going to get SLAPPED with large capital gains tax of 15%! Also, his properties weren't the HGTV homes they were 20 years ago and needed repairs. Meaning... he can't sell to a typical buyer on a loan. His only options are to wait for the tenants to leave, and DUMP money and time into a lengthy repair to put on the market or a low cash offer. WRONG!

What we did was upgrade Frank from the landlord to the bank! He sold to us as-is and with the tenants in place with NO closing costs or repairs. He gets a check in the mailbox every single month with no obligations and gets cashed out in full at the end of our 7 year term.

How does that look?

Selling with Agent

  • $125k Sales Price (85K pre-rehab)
  • $12.5k in Closing Costs (10%+)
  • $25K in repairs and holding costs
  • $8K in Capital Gains Tax


  • $79.5K in profit in 6-12 months

Hassle of waiting on tenants and managing rehab... for LESS money

Sell with Us

  • $100K Purchase Price ($85K Market)
  • No Closing Fees
  • 7 years of $500/mo payments
  • Spread out capital gains (~2.5%)
  • $58K balloon payment at year 5


  • $97.5K in profit over 5 years

No hassle, no repairs, no tenant drama.... More Profit!

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